Saree Hairstyle For Straight Hair

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Straight hair is the most common type of hair and is popular among many women. It is easy to style and can be styled into various looks. One of the most popular hairstyles for straight hair is the saree hairstyle. This hairstyle is created by wrapping the hair around the head and creating a bun in the back. This look is suitable for any occasion, whether it is a wedding or a formal event. It is also an easy hairstyle to do at home.

Step by Step Guide to Get the Perfect Saree Hairstyle for Straight Hair

If you want to try the saree hairstyle for straight hair, then here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow:

1. Preparing Your Hair

Before you start styling your hair, you need to make sure that it is clean and free of tangles. Start by washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. If your hair is dry, you can also use a leave-in conditioner or a hair mask to make it more manageable. When you are done, use a wide-toothed comb to comb out any tangles and knots.

2. Applying Heat Protection

Before you start styling your hair, it is important to apply a heat protection product. This will help to protect your hair from any heat damage that may occur when using a curling iron or a straightener. Make sure to apply the product evenly throughout your hair and leave it for a few minutes to absorb.

3. Sectioning Your Hair

Next, you will need to section your hair. Start by using a comb to divide your hair into two sections. Then, take one section and clip it up to keep it out of the way. Now, you can start styling the other section.

4. Curling the Hair

Take a small section of hair and wrap it around a curling iron. Make sure to keep the heat on a low setting so that you don’t damage your hair. Once you have curled the section, you can move onto the next one. Continue until all of your hair is curled.

5. Teasing the Hair

Once you have finished curling your hair, you need to tease it to create some extra volume. Take a section of hair and use a teasing brush to lightly backcomb it. Make sure to be gentle and not to pull too hard on your hair. Once you have teased the section, you can move onto the next one.

6. Wrapping Your Hair

Now, you can start wrapping your hair around your head. Take a section of hair and start wrapping it around your head. Secure the section with bobby pins as you go. Make sure to keep it tight so that it stays in place. Once you have finished wrapping, you can move onto the next section.

7. Creating the Bun

Now, you can start creating the bun at the back of your head. Take the remaining hair and gather it together. Twist the hair and then coil it into a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins and you are done.

8. Finishing Touches

Once you have finished styling your hair, you can add some finishing touches. Add some hairspray to keep everything in place and then use a decorative hair accessory to add some sparkle and glamour to your look. You can also use flowers or a scarf to add a more formal look.

9. Wearing the Saree

Once your hair is styled, you can then start wearing the saree. Put on the saree and then tie the pallu (the end of the saree) around your neck. Secure it with a pin or a brooch and you are ready to go.


The saree hairstyle for straight hair is a great way to look stylish and elegant. It is an easy hairstyle to do at home and can be done in just a few simple steps. With the right products and some patience, you can create the perfect saree hairstyle for your straight hair.