Bridal Hairstyles In Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is a state in the southern part of India, known for its rich culture and heritage. The people of Tamil Nadu are known for their traditional values and their traditional fashion. Bridal hairstyles in Tamil Nadu are often an integral part of a bride’s traditional look.

Traditional Tamil Bridal Hairstyles

The traditional Tamil bridal hairstyle is known as the ‘Kondai’. This hairstyle is created by parting the hair into two sections and then curling the hair into a bun. The bun is then decorated with flowers, ribbons and other decorative items. This hairstyle is usually seen in the brides of Tamil Nadu and is often accompanied by a matching veil.

Modern Tamil Bridal Hairstyles

Modern Tamil bridal hairstyles have evolved over the years and are now quite different from the traditional style. The modern bride usually wears her hair in a variety of styles, including braided, straight or wavy. Some brides also choose to wear their hair in an updo style. The modern bride also has the option of adding extra hairpieces and accessories to her hairstyle to create a unique look.

Accessories for Tamil Bridal Hairstyles

In addition to the traditional and modern hairstyles, Tamil bridal hairstyles often include accessories. Flowers are a popular choice and are often used to decorate the hair. Other popular accessories include ribbons, beads, and decorative combs. These accessories add a unique touch to the bridal hairstyle and can help to create a beautiful, unique look.

Professional Hair Stylists in Tamil Nadu

Finding the right bridal hairstyle in Tamil Nadu can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a number of professional hair stylists in the region who specialize in bridal hairstyles. These professionals can help the bride to create the perfect hairstyle for her special day. They can also provide advice on how to maintain the hairstyle and provide tips on how to make the most of the style.

Tips for Choosing a Tamil Bridal Hairstyle

When choosing a Tamil bridal hairstyle, it is important to take into consideration the bride’s face shape, hair texture and length, and overall style. The bride should also consider the type of dress she will be wearing and the accessories she will be wearing with it. Finally, the bride should consider her budget and the amount of time she is willing to spend on her hair. All of these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect bridal hairstyle.

Maintenance of Tamil Bridal Hairstyles

Once the bride has chosen her perfect bridal hairstyle, it is important to maintain it. This can be done by using the right products and styling tools. It is also important to use the correct products and tools to ensure that the hairstyle lasts for the entire duration of the wedding. To help maintain the hairstyle, the bride should use a leave in conditioner and a light hairspray. These products will help to protect the hair from humidity and heat.


For brides in Tamil Nadu, choosing the right bridal hairstyle can be an important part of the wedding planning process. With the right hairstyle, the bride can look beautiful and feel confident on her special day. With the help of a professional hair stylist, the bride can choose the perfect hairstyle that will last throughout the entire day. With the right products and tools, the bride can also maintain the hairstyle and ensure it looks perfect all day long.